Friday, May 3, 2013

Seeing God In The Nostrils

I’ve observed two types of people in seminary-- those who start to grow slightly callous to the ebb and flow of chapel life and prayer requests, and then those who become increasingly amazed with God in the little things... like the fact that we were created with nostrils. 

If I’m being completely honest, I probably fall in line with the first group of people more often than I would like to admit to a lot of my classmates. When reading assignments are full books of the Bible and written assignments are journaling the reading assignments, it gets hard to spend what little free time there is delving into Scripture even more. I realize this is shaping me up to sound horrible, and I’m okay with that, because I struggle with this.

Earlier this semester I had to write a twenty-five page paper as an argument for the book of Hebrews. It was an incredible assignment that completely changed the way I look at Hebrews, but not the way I look at Jesus. And I know, I know-- this is okay. But in a world where everyone is always saying things like “Dang, I am getting so much out of writing these papers each week because they are really showing me so much about our Savior!” it is easy to feel spiritually less-than when sometimes for me it’s just another assignment to mark off the checklist. 

In my life, that isn’t how I see God working and moving and being amazing. For me it’s more things like seeing life change in my high school friends who are finally understanding their infinite worth. It’s those days out in nature when you realize just how intricately God designed the world. It’s seeing selfless people on hard days. These things change the way I look at Jesus and make me thankful for Him all the more. These things are my moments of being amazed by nostrils.

For as thankful as I am for all of the assignments that are showing me the depth of Scripture, I am even more thankful for all of the moments that are showing me more about Jesus.

For those who have been discouraged along the way, especially with only one week left in the semester-- know you’re doing okay. One of the best things I’ve heard since being in seminary was a professor telling the class that when they attended here, it was the most spiritually dry time of their life. So much weight off my shoulders with that one simple sentence. I can only imagine what a different dynamic there would be if more candid conversations were had about this. It is always nice to know you aren’t the only one. Professors aren’t the only ones. I’m not the only one.

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